Chris Moran



Senior Instructor


New York, N.Y.



347 746 5532

10yrs+ of teaching experience.
20yrs of expriencing the journey of martial arts.

I've had the great experience of training with many different people from all walks of life. As a martial artist its been a journey
of learning practical skill and also a internal dialogue of learning about myself. Through the art of Jeet Kune Do one learns to
see how you best function. How do you deal with pressure ? Can you stay calm and make the right decisions in the mist of chaos?

When we teach our classes in our midtown studio in Manhattan we aid you to answer these questions and more. You will learn
about every facet of raw combat and self defense. We will cover kickboxing, weapons , close quarter , grappling , mass attack,
scenario training, skill development , MMA conditioning , and scenario training.

We will prepare you both mentally and physically for a real situation. You will learn the totality of combat that is Jeet Kune Do.
Our midtown studio we train both men and women that are over 18 yrs old. We offer a variety of options for training. For
more details please visit our website.

Private Lessons
Group Classes
Workshops / Seminars
Intensive Weekend Training
Professional training for law enforcement, Actors / Stunts , and personal trainers.

It is my hope that martial arts becomes your tool to overcome your fear, strengthen your mind and forge your body into superior health.
I hope you enjoy the same great friendships and bonds I have experienced by training in martial arts. Its been a fun journey and I cant wait to see what come next.

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