Gary Spicer



Phase One Instructor


Alameda/ San Francisco Bay Area




My orientation into the world of martial arts began in the early 90's with Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu. Soon after I was introduced to Jeet Kun Do under Sifu Lamar Davis. I immediately knew this was the style best suited for realistic street self defense. Basing my journey on much of Bruce Lee's philosophy of always learning, expanding and growing, I continued to visit various martial art styles including Aikido, shoot fighting, Kajukenbo and kali. I currently hold a second degree black belt and am a certified associate instructor in Estalilla Kabaroan under Grandmaster Ramiro Estalilla Jr. and phase one instructor in the legendary Paul Vunak's Progressive fighting systems contemporary Jeet Kun Do.

My passion is in teaching real, streetwise and practical self defense to common citizens who have no prior training. My goal is to help these people with fast, easy to learn tactics to avoid being victimized in a deadly assault and survive. Few people have years to dedicate to mastering difficult to learn, unwieldy techniques that would only fail them in a modern street style combat situation. Paul Vunak's Progressive Fighting System, based on Bruce Lee and Danny Inosanto's way, strikes right to the core of what is needed to answer that modern day street ambush attack. This is the real deal! Together we're transforming ordinary would be victim's into battle ready victors!



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