Godfrey Medrano



Phase One instructor


Chino Hills , California




My name is Godfrey Medrano. I received my Phase One instructor certification last March 18, 2018 after completing my Intensive Personal Training Program with Sifu Paul Vunak in Oceanside, CA. Prior to this, I received my Apprentice Instructorship and Military Edged Weapons Instructor Certification last August 2017. I live in Chino Hills, CA. My wife and I have 3 kids. I currently work in the Health Information Technology field for a large healthcare organization. My hobbies and passions aside from my work life are spending time with my family, music, and JKD. I play the guitar, ukelele, and enjoy singing with my kids. My desire in learning JKD through Sifu Paul is to practice and teach the most effective and functional self-defense system to protect my family and teach my kids and those who want to learn the art of Bruce Lee’s JKD and Filipino Martial Arts. 



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