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adapt for life  initiative


The adapt for life initiative takes our martial art and goes beyond the violence. 

Paul Vunak has taken his passion project and created this program to help kids with disability. With the help of vice president of adapt for life - Adam Carroll, Paul using his 30+ years of experience to empower kids with handicaps or disability. 

Our training methods are a life changing approach for a child who may have felt ashamed or sadden by there situation and give them hope. To give them the tools of self love is a healing process that is priceless.  


Adam Carroll - Vice President of Adapt for Life 

godfrey medrano g06.JPG

We are international , local and diversified in the quality of people in the progressive fighting systems family. We have seasoned and well trained martial artist across the world. We enable our team of instructors to be a ambassador for helping those in need. 

Our Vice president Adam Carroll who resides in California , who is happily married and with 3 kids of his own. He is one of many trainers who are not only skilled martial artist but knowledgeable on how to adapt our program for those with disabilities. 

A certified instructor under Paul Vunak and a ACE Certified Trainer. He is an example of the combination of quality trainers/ fighter that can also use the combat training from JKD for a higher good. That is too heal , empower and transform the lives of the next generation of fighters. Children with disability fight there own private battles and we can help. 

Martial arts training that can teach a child to do the following: 

Find there own strength.

Through our methods there is self realization they are capable of much more. Progressive training for these kids gets them stronger and stronger. There disability is now a challenge to overcome. We help these kids become martial artist. Light a candle that can fuel its own flame.  

A empowering community. 


Children learning useful , fun martial arts, is a great way to release stress. Training with there peers and socializing with others is way for building a positive community for those with disabilities. 

Relating to our Guro Bruce Lee.

When a child with a disability learns they are training in Bruce Lee martial art. There is a connection of the defying the odds. Bruce is a thriving symbol to us all that one can heal themselves. Having hope can change the outlook of ones path. They become part of the family that is keeping Bruce Lee spirit alive! 

Progressive Fighting Systems , our team in Cali 2017

Adam consulting and applying sports therapy to our clients in California Seminar 2018

Paul with one of his young protege. 

To learn more on how we can empower your patients , or children with disability please email us at

too see how we can help. 

Adapt for Life. Light a Candle that can fuel its own flame. 

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