Oceanside , CA 94158 92054

Call: 760-822-2197

Hello World Vunak here i have realized its been difficult to get a hold of me if your calling from outside America. 


Please check to make sure your calling not earlier then 11am PST , California Time. We have had alot of calls come in from overseas and are missing your calls.

In addition if we miss you Paul on the phone you can do the following. Send a text message via whatsapp to the same number 760 822 2197 with your complete info , name, number and country of origin.

You can also schedule a call time by emailing us or call/text 561 654-0503 , whatsapp for oversea calls. Pedro will get back to you to setup your call. - Vu


We appreciate the overwhelming response and sorry if you had difficult time getting us on the phone. 

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