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Willie Robinson


Romantic Walk in Sunset
Romantic Walk in Sunset
Romantic Walk in Sunset


Full Instructor


Durham NC




Willie Robinson
Ceo and master instructor of adaptive tactical studies
consultant. Willie  is a self defense advocate for the physically disabled DOM instructor, under Paul vunak and tactical defense consultant under Stewart Edmiston of triangle self defense with over 15 years  of Martial science training under Dan Mceaddy Willie holds 7th Degree black belt,  He be came a private student of sifu Steve Burton of five thunder Dim mak system Willie being disabled recognized a real need for practical adaptable  and street effective self defense system for the disabled he along with the help of paul vunak develop a street effective, comprehensive and dynamic system  of self defense that is effective, dynamic and practical and adaptable for all Disable people. Regardless of levels of disability and ages. Willie continues his evolution as a martial artist through continued coaching and training in Filipino Martial Arts, dirty  boxing, Bruce Lee’s JKD, Kali, Silat, Military Combatives and Submission Grappling background .    He's been inducted in the   Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the International Circle of Masters Hall of Fame.  Consultant/ coach trainer and martial artist, Willie  has been chosen by the International Circle of Masters to be the North Carolina representative. And  promoted to president of Paul vunak adapt for life organization.

As a self defense consultant and trainer here in  North Carolina and abroad as a Instructor, Willie  dedicated himself to ensuring that his clients are well- trained in the art of self protection, managing and preventing unprovoked violence and protecting loved ones from violent criminals.  When teaching   willie primary focus is safety and injury prevention.  He continues to share his knowledge via live instructional events, lecture based seminars, corporate workshops and customized private training



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