This bible is the result of Mr Vunak  45 years of total immersion in cutting edge combat in the street.

The contents of this book includes all of Mr. Vunaks previous books

and combined with

50% of new material!

  The Techniques and principal  in this bible are currently being utilized by Seal Team 6, most of our military , 13 Gov agencies , and over 50 police departments.  


This bible should be in every martial art school in America answering every question known for self defense….


 If you have a self defense question the answer will be in this pages! This is the last book you will ever need. 


My life's work in this Bible! 300 pages on the reality of raw combat. 

The exact Curriculum I teach 13 government agencies. 

Training the the emotional dimension of a street fight! 

The secret to intercepting! Learn my approach to mastering this skill! 


I have condensed 20 years of Brazilian Jujitsu down to my 10 favorite moves.


Why most disarms will get you killed. I show you what works.

The proverbial 350lbs man, that has you pinned to the ground…
How to fight from your back!

The simple yet effective defense against a large wild man charging you.

Bruce Lee's favorite move for a fight and becoming overwhelming force! 


The Top 8 drills from uncle Vu to turn you into a street fighter! 


Flawless body mechanics the Filipino way! 

How to double your speed! Speed in more then just physical!  


Bruce Lee's one inch punch and what you do not know... 

Paul Vunak's concept of stress inoculation , overcoming the
stress of combat... 

limited addition copy of the vunak

bible. first 100 copies will be signed!


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 The complete guide to

Martial arts for raw combat

by Paul Vunak


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