Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Jan 16
    Webcast on Vunak.Com
    Asymmetrical Violence 2.5
    The Asymmetrical Violence long flow of Muay Thai and AV 2.0 (eye-gouging, genital attacks and bites), is to recreate the same emotional responses as in reality to increase your chances of success in the reality of the street.
  • Sat, Dec 12
    Webcast on Vunak.Com
    Asymmetrical Violence 2.0 Webcast
    The game changer that allows you to fight outside of the dojo, ring & your weight class. Learn from the trainer of Seal Team 6 on how to survive. Bruce Lees six most effective Wing Chun moves. Ground breaking approach that changed fighting 30+ years ago is now enhanced! 2 Certificates Included
  • Sat, Sep 26
    Zoom Webinar
    Vunak Weapons Zoom
    Mr. Vunak will give a comprehensive webinar covering the full range of weapons used by Progressive Fighting Systems to train individuals from across the world including martial artists, military personnel, especially US Navy Seal Team 6 and Law Enforcement. INCLUDES DOWNLOADABLE CERTIFICATE.
  • Sat, Jul 25
    The Vunak Chronicles
    2 1/2 hour workshop on Mr. Vunak’s victories and defeats in combat. Video available to watch until July 29th, 12 AM, Noon PT. Viewing Code has to be purchased before the webcast.
  • Wed, Jun 10
    Master the Art of Being in the Zone
    Live Webinar Wednesday June 10th, 11 AM Pacific Time TICKETS: Early Bird $10.00 by June 7th ($15 after June 7th) Replay for this event available until June 14th, 12 AM Pacific Time
  • Wed, May 27
    Killer Instinct and eliminating fear in a fight

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