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"My first weekend training was mind blowing,

and yet, SO SIMPLE.  

Paul took all my years of training and condensed it 
into an easy to learn, easy to teach format. 


I wasn't able to do this on my own for over 20 years.
But Paul taught me how in just one weekend.

Thank you Sifu Paul!"  

SSG Ricky "Kuya" Baer, US Army Paratrooper





September 25 & 26

COVID might shut us down,
but it will NEVER knock us out!

In the past week, I've gotten close to 50 retreat cancellations due to Covid.


I look forward to this retreat every year.

So for me, the bad news is I don't get to see my friends who fly in from all over the world.


BUT the good news is we're moving the retreat to my home.

I live on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. We'll have access to a pool, jacuzzi, club house, game room, barbecue...


It's kind of like my Club Med in Southern California, and very family friendly. Kids are welcome!


It's going to be a small, intimate experience with about 20 people.


We'll train, spar, fight, and talk about what it means to be part of the PFS Tribe.


I'm really looking forward to meeting you face to face!


If you can't make it, I'm sorry we'll miss you this time.


BUT I still have good news: you can join us ONLINE for the Live Stream!


We'll be streaming and recording our training sessions over two days.


AND... even better news: 


You can get a full FOUR HOURS of video training for 60% OFF!


Each one hour webinar is $30.00. Four hours of training is $120.00


But today, you won't pay $120.00.

You won't even pay half price at $60.


Right now, I want to give you my best training at 60% OFF.

That’s right: FOUR hours of Certification Level Training for only $50.00!


But... what's the catch? 


You MUST sign up before midnight, September 22nd.


After that, it goes to FULL Price of $120 for all FOUR hours.


Again, I'd love to meet you in person.

But I understand if you can't, so our next best option is live stream.


AND one more bonus: AMA (Ask Me Anything) Zoom Call with me.

We'll talk about combat and life, or anything on your mind.

PLUS... I’ll also tell you a little bit about the Descendants of the Master program.

People who join the DOMs program meet with me every week.

I personally escort them in their journey to become a PFS Full Instructor.

We are dedicated to the love of Jeet Kune Do and the legacy of Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto.

You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be a DOM for just one weekend!


Sign up now and get:


* FOUR Hours of Certification Level Training - See PREVIEW Below

* TWELVE Hours of Certification Credit

* AND a Special Bonus: AMA Zoom Call with me, Paul Vunak

All for 60% OFF!

Hurry! It goes up to full price next week.

~ Paul

PREVIEW: Progressive Fighting Systems 2021 RETREAT - Live Stream Option

Day One: My BEST Training on Energy Drills - How to Read an Opponent's Pressure

* Emphasis on HUBAD
* Asymmetrical Violence 2021: Attacks on the ribs, gut, groin, kidneys, knees caps, jaw, ears, eyes...

* Dumog

* Tai Chi

* Wing Chun

* Trapping
* Command and Control your opponent
* Pacing the Fight 
* Denying Effective Strikes 
* Counter Strikes 
* Freeze and Take Down

Day Two: Military Edged Weapons

The fastest path to mastering blade self defense
* My Training Techniques developed for Seal Team Six, and 17 Government Agencies.
* How to Stay Safe Under Extreme Pressure
* How to Disarm Knife Attacks
* Mass Attacks
* Military Quick Kills 

REGISTER NOW before it goes up to full price!

PFS RETREAT 2021 - Live Stream Option
Sep 25, 2:00 PM PDT
Online Live Stream

"When it comes to teaching combat in the shortest time 
there is no one in the world better than Sifu Paul Vunak.

One week with Paul is like six months of training."

~ Sifu Kanisha Sharma, New Delhi India

Membership Offer
Sep 25, 9:00 AM PDT
In Person - Vu's Place

What does the commander of the US Navy, the Governor of California, the Mayor of Frankfort,

the Chief of Police of Hialeah, SEAL Team Six, the Department of Defense, the DEA, US Marshals, SWAT, the US Army,

Marine Corps Counter Intelligence, and US Air Force all have to say about Paul Vunak?  ...He is their teacher.