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Get Trained in the most effective Self Defense technique in the world.
Learn Jeet Kune Do in a few sessions, and use it right away.

This is the official listing of our Certified Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Instructors

in the United States and World Wide. 

Our Progressive Fighting System Instructors
give you the skills to take charge, defuse, de-escalate,
or defend yourself and protect your loved ones.

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Demetrio Vacirca

Zürich, Switzerland

José-Luis Perich

Senior Instructor Disciple - Board of Directors - Europe

Aarau, Switzerland

Lee Wonjong

Full Instructor

Seoul , South Korea

Jesus Rangel

Full Instructor

Denver , Colorado

Angel Ariz

Full Instructor

Eastford and Plainfield Connecticut

Gian Lee Rodriguez

Full Instructor

West Palm Beach

Ian Luwis

Full Instructor

Northern Virginia-Washington , DC

Jason Daniel Lee

Full Instructor

Jacksonville , Florida

Jeramiah Giehl

Full Instructor

San Diego , California

Willie Robinson

Full Instructor

Durham NC

Edmárcio Rodrigues

Full Instructor


Brenden Troster

Full Instructor


David Durch

Senior Instructor

Leavitt St, Flushing NY

April Barclay

Apprentice Instructor

Richmond , Kentucky

Kenneth Bigbee Jr

Full Instructor


Carter Berry

Apprentice Instructor


Paul Starkey

Hull, England

James Dooley

Chaffee, Missouri

Bryan Daly

Disciple - Board of Directors - International


Tony Ramey

Phase 1 Instructor LEO/Military Advisor

South Carolina

Babis Fessatidis

Full Instructor

Munich, Germany

Scott Gehring

Full instructor

Ocean City, New Jersey

Joe Lonergan

Full Instructor

Orlando, FL

Alexander Stingl

Phase One Instructor

Germany Metzingen

Idelfonso Exposito Munoz

Full Instructor


Konrad Rath

Senior Instructor