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Paul Vunak trained Under Guro Dan Inosanto as
one of his top instructors for over 30 years. Guro
Inosanto was Bruce Lee's Protégé, training partner
and best friend. Paul was also one of the first
people to train Gracie Jiu Jitsu in America, and a
proud student of Rorion, Royce, Royler, and Rickson Gracie.

The Descendants of Masters Instructors (D.O.Ms) are the cream of the crop of Progressive Fighting Systems. Only they have received my Latest Cutting Edge Technology both physical and spiritual. We are dedicated to promoting and expanding

Bruce Lee 's Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts world wide.

In addition, each instructor spreads our love, and teaches at least one child with a physical disability (Pro Bono). They are acting ambassadors of our Adapt For Life Program.

Paul Vunak, President/Founder 

* Contemporary Jeet  Kune  Do

What does the commander of the Navy, the Governor of California, the Mayor of Frankfort, the Chief of Police of Hialeah, SEAL Team 6, the Department of Defense, the DEA, US Marshals, SWAT, the Army, Marine Corps Counter Intelligence, and Air Force all have to say about Paul Vunak? 

He is their teacher.

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Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto

In 1959 Bruce Lee came to America, at that time his original art was Wing-Chun. Over the next few years of working with much larger and stronger Americans, Bruce Lee discovered the limitations of Wing-Chun.

In 1964 at the Long Beach Internationals, Bruce Lee met Dan Inosanto. Inosanto at that time was a world class athlete running the 100 yard dash in 9.4 seconds. Over the next 9 years Bruce and Dan together created what is now known as Jeet Kune Do. They dissected and synthesized every art and philosophy salient to street fighting.


1959 ...

In 1973 Bruce Lee passed away, and the mantle of Jeet Kune Do was officially passed to Dan Inosanto. In 1974 Mr. Inosanto opened the doors to the Filipino Kali Academy. His intention was and still is to continue to cultivate and refine the original process by which he and Bruce started.

In 1977 I personally joined the Kali Academy. From that very first day, I vividly remember Inosanto pounding into our heads the most important principle in JKD. “Constant Growth and Progression”. Indeed the very words on his certificate echo this principle of continual growth and progression.

Dan Inosanto and Paul Vunak


1973 ...

A Living Legacy of Contemporary  Jeet  Kune  Do

Jeet Kune Do has all always been an

art of growth and progression.


Through the times the art has progressed in many different facets but has still remained the most comprehensive self defense and street fighting art we have today. 


Bruce Lee's JKD as evolved with the help and guidance of all of its teachers in different genera's of our culture. JKD is alive and present in our movies, sports, law enforcement and pop culture like never before.


Paul Vunak's expression of JKD has always been geared towards raw combat.  His unique approach to streamlining Jeet Kune Do and fighting into a deliverable training method for all to use is second to none.

He called this approach R.A.T. which stands for Rapid Assault Tactics. Paul Vunak 's methods has been adopted by the SEALS, FBI, and CIA and a dozen police department SWAT teams. The U.S. Navy SEALS brought Paul in to teach them his unique system after an extensive worldwide search for the best hand-to-hand combat during the 80's. 

Paul Vunak and Seal Team 6 - Virginia Beach 1987

It took this poor photographer one hour to get all four of the instructors together. Wallace is pinching Dan's butt. Hartsel stuck his finger in Bill's ear and Vunak was checking out some hot babe

Today, it's adopted as a staple in self defense program all over the world by martial artist from different styles , languages and use cases. 

Paul continues this process of growth with what he calls Contemporary Jeet Kune Do.


A military based, battle proven approach to fighting that encompasses the full spectrum of what one would consider self defense. 

A unique blend of striking arts like Thai Boxing and grappling arts like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu into the JKD formula. We have also adopted Kali for weapons , Kina Mutai ( the art of biting and eye gouging ) and other methods into our mixed martial arts. 

Whether its dealing with weapon to weapon , mass attack situations, close quarter , stand up , and ground fighting. There is no stones left un-turned in this art.   


Paul now passes this knowledge down to his students

who will continue to advance and promote Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts. The DOM program or Descendants of the Masters is the initiative to continue teaching the next generation of martial artist. 

Learn more about who we are and what we do through our website or visit our social media pages. 

Interested in joining the PFS Family? Learn about the DOM program by selecting button below.

You can also read about Paul candid interview by selecting links below.  

Paul Vunak trains Randy White of the Dallas Cowboys

Words cannot describe how great

Dan Inosanto truely is. 

Paul taking care of his pets. The warrior in the garden.  When you

visit you will know what this phrase means. 

Giving back and helping those less fortunate is what our Adapt for Life program is all about. 

‘What does the commander of the Navy, the Governor of California, the Mayor of Frankfort, the Chief of Police of Hialeah, SEAL Team 6, the Department of Defense, the DEA, US Marshals, SWAT, the Army, Marine Corps Counter Intelligence, and Air Force all have to say about Paul Vunak? He is their teacher.

When Vunak invited Mary Jane to the photo shoot it took about 420’th of a second to transgress. Gracie Jiu-jitsu 

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