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Paul Vunak trained Under Guro Dan Inosanto as
one of his top instructors for over 30 years. Guro
Inosanto was Bruce Lee's Protégé, training partner
and best friend. Paul was also one of the first
people to train Gracie Jiu Jitsu in America, and a
proud student of Rorion, Royce, Royler, and Rickson Gracie.

The Descendants of Masters Instructors (D.O.Ms) are the cream of the crop of Progressive Fighting Systems. Only they have received my Latest Cutting Edge Technology both physical and spiritual. We are dedicated to promoting and expanding

Bruce Lee 's Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts world wide.

In addition, each instructor spreads our love, and teaches at least one child with a physical disability (Pro Bono). They are acting ambassadors of our Adapt For Life Program.

Paul Vunak, President/Founder 

* Contemporary Jeet  Kune  Do

What does the commander of the Navy, the Governor of California, the Mayor of Frankfort, the Chief of Police of Hialeah, SEAL Team 6, the Department of Defense, the DEA, US Marshals, SWAT, the Army, Marine Corps Counter Intelligence, and Air Force all have to say about Paul Vunak? 

He is their teacher.

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