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April Barclay


Romantic Walk in Sunset
Romantic Walk in Sunset
Romantic Walk in Sunset


Apprentice Instructor


Richmond , Kentucky




April Barclay Fair was born and raised in Richmond, KY and continues to live there where she is currently raising her own family. April is a single mom of three beautiful children...two boys, Brady and Tucker and a daughter named Zoe. By profession, April is an occupational therapist and has worked for Caretenders of the Bluegrass Home Health Agency for over 13 years. April didn't start her martial arts journey until later in life, about 2001. Having been a victim of violence in the past, April was determined to be able to protect both her family and herself. She first enrolled her two boys in a kids JKD class at a local school. It wasn't long before she became hooked herself. Over the next several years April trained primarily in Muay Thai, but also participated in JKD, BJJ, Savate, Krav Maga, and Kali classes. She taught as an assistant instructor for kickboxing classes as well. In the spring of 2010, April attended a PFS JKD seminar led by Sifu Michael VanBeek. It was at this point that April became interested in becoming a PFS instructor.​Over the next two years, April travelled frequently to both Chicago and Indy to train with both Sifu VanBeek and Sifu Mauri Pierce. Her time training with both of these instructors has proven to be invaluable to her growth as both a martial artist and as a person trying to better herself. Much thanks to both. April has also made many other friends within the PFS community that have been extremely supportive and welcomed her as a part of this great family. April earned her PFS Apprentice Instructorship in May of 2012 and became a DOM in September of 2012. April is currently instructing a JKD class 3 days a week as well as teaching women's self defense classes and child anti-abduction for Zoe's Daisy Scout troop. She also just established Central Kentucky PFS, which is growing quickly! She looks forward to continuing to train and teach for many years to come.


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