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Paul Vunak has trained Under Guro Dan Inosanto as one of his top instructors for over 30 years.
Inosanto was Bruce Lee's Protégé, training partner
and best friend.

paul vunak ENIGMA 2
video series

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The first time Paul Vunak released the Enigma Series He had the world of martial

arts take a paradigm shift and rethinking there training. 

The ground breaking revelation of understanding the concepts of training your 

combat skills in two categories on Self Perfection and Self Preservation was born!

How does one train for now and how does one train for a life time in the martial arts. 

This balance for learning how to fight now and not 10 years from now was a point that

is invaluable to so many martial artist , fighters , instructors , law enforcement, military

and everyday people like you who want to protect themselves and loved ones . 

Fast forward 10 years later and now we have the next phase of the Enigma Series. Paul continues to show you what its like to take the guess work out of your training. 


What tends to be the problem for most martial artist is trying to figure out what works ? What doesn't work? What works for me? Stepping into the abyss of the martial arts world without any knowledge can be daunting for anyone new to fighting to decide what should i do.  

This is where Paul Vunak and Contemporary Jeet Kune Do steps in. 

The turn around time and demand for learning to be functional now is the goal.

To be a complete street fighter or martial artist that can train for a life time

but have the necessary skills now to protect yourself and loved ones. 

Contemporary Jeet Kune Do is Vunak's particular brand of learning

to fight in all ranges of combat that address the needs of self defense today with a twist. That is Asymmetrical Violence. The game changer that allows you to fight outside of the realm of dojo, ring, and above your weight class.   

This is the same military technology handed down to SEAL Team 6, the Department of Defense, the DEA, US Marshals, SWAT, the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Counter Intelligence. 

your digital training with paul vunak   

enigma 2 will includes

How to fight above your weight class with the best techniques from your uncle Vu!

 Learn how the concept of Asymmetric violence can save your life!. 

Take your Thai boxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu skills to the next level for raw combat.

Learn how to fight in close quarter with real trapping skills you can use! 

there is more! check out exclusive package offer   

the deadly art of biting and Eye gouging called kina mutai! the grappling method that will change your idea of the bjj forever.   

Go beyond defanging the snake with our military edge weapons program for knife training.  

 become a fighter and not a gambler hoping the fight goes your way! learn uncle vu's flow drills to become a complete fighter.

Take a sneak peak of the new 4 r.a.t. programs for each range of combat

the ground breaking approach that changed fighting 30+ years ago is now enhanced! 

The Enigma One is a 2 dvd set: 

The Enigma is paul's life work compressed into two DVDs. 

50+ tapes condensed into 2 revised DVD's. You will have the latest in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do with both sets! 

The exact curriculum I teach 13 government agencies.

 20 years of Brazilian Jujitsu down to my 10 favorite moves.

 My secret Golden Goose principle of One million techniques.

Bruce Lees six most effective Wing Chun moves.

 For the first time ever I show you what I teach specialized assault units known as quick kills.

Paul Vunak's Bar Fighting Survival Guide DVD overview:

This mini dvd video goes through exactly what Paul Vunak will do!

Go step by step with the trainer of Seal Team 6 on how to survival. 

The question always is asked well what if i was in a bar? 

What to do when your outnumbered or if your with a friend

How do you protect your girlfriend in these situations?  

How to survive a a brawl in close quarter situation! 

ultimate self defense package!

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The exclusive package includes the complete enigma series!!!

5 Disc DVD Set Collectors Edition  


DIGITAL CONTENT of All DVD's included



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The Enigma 2 Exclusive Package would normally cost a total of $400.00 

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$99.00 ( save $300.00 ) + Shipping / Tax

There is a 2-3 week delivery on international shipping

1-2 week delivery on domestic shipping

It's gonna be worth the wait! 

No refund policy. Please provide accurate shipping address. 

Thank You! We appreciate you and hope you enjoy!

Its bad luck to screw with uncle vu ...this video series comes complete with copy guard and a Jewish Attorney. :o) 

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