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John Krogmann



Senior Instructor


Catawba , Virginia


540 864 6458



Romantic Walk in Sunset
Romantic Walk in Sunset
Romantic Walk in Sunset
Romantic Walk in Sunset
Romantic Walk in Sunset
Romantic Walk in Sunset


John Krogmann began studying Karate while attending Bridgewater College in 1974. His continued interest in Martial Arts led him to work on skills and have resulted in his attaining the level of Certified Executive Instructor (a Master Instructor) with Progressive Fighting Systems. The central ideas come from Wing Chun and the focus is on vertical punching, control of centerline and trapping. Krogmann has students from various walks of life including Military, Law Enforcement and private citizens interested in the protection for themselves and their families.​He operates under the company name of "Combat Solutions," ("Combat"). "Combat" teaches its students to be efficient in their strikes, and waste no movements. The focus is on the "RAT SYSTEM" (Rapid Assault Tactics) that Paul Vunak developed for the Navy SEALS back in the 1980's. In addition to these quick solutions to terminate confrontation, quick kill techniques are also taught to dispose of the opponent with weapons and bare hands. The weapons portion of classes comes from the Filipino Arts of Escrima and Kali, and students are taught the fluid motion of those arts, and then they will use these styles to "De-Fang the Snake" which disarms the weapon of an opponent. Students learn theory, drilling and sparring to familiarize themselves with weapons and to also reach a confidence level with all types of weapons. Hand to hand combat techniques are taught as well as holds, pressure points and practical "situational awareness" tips. All knowledge passed on to students is done with their respective schedules in mind and can be done in several short sessions or a few long classes if time is of the essence. The skills developed are simple, quick and easy to use and remember in a real life situation when the circumstances call for a fast solution.

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