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Never Fight Alone. Ever.

We all want to live in a safer world.
But peace demands a price.


Because those who wish to do you harm
never follow the rules of decency, honor or respect.


They want to rob your security and your right to defend
and protect yourself and your loved ones.


When you Join PFS Tribe,
you join a community who believes in fighting for

who we love: our friends, our family, our peace.


We are people just like you.
We are warriors, but we are compassionate.
We defend the defenseless.
We fight for our freedoms.

It is our code.

And although life will bend and twist us,

we will never break.

Come and meet others who are just like you.
Connect with our Instructors and Students.
Be part of the Tribe.

And never walk alone. 

Ever again.

~ Paul Vunak

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